Now That I'm Dead I Know Everything, 2013

Now That I'm Dead I Know Everything, 2013


untitled for three improvisors

tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute

premiered at The Banff Centre


He Had to Believe it Himself (5:40)

Solo percussion

(to hear the full range of the djembe, please listen to the clip below on headphones or high-quality speakers)

Lost in Translation (17:00)

Chamber opera with film

Premiered at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City

A Dream Inside a Locked Room (4:00)

Duet for violin & percussion

Premiered at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montreal

The World Needs Bad Men (4:30)

Trio for bassoon, horn in f and marimba

Commissioned by the Maroon Trio

5 Pieces for Flute Soloist and Chamber Ensemble (14:00)

Written for Mary Fukushima-Kirkendoll & the 2014 Black House New Music Workshop Ensemble



Two Digital Ballets (50:00)

Fixed media

Commissioned by the Kacico Dance Company


Four Pieces for Percussion Quartet and Improvisor (16:00)

Premiered by the Ad Astra Percussion Quartet at the Black Lab New Music Festival


Now That I'm Dead I Know Everything (17:00)

Three portraits for soprano and chamber ensemble

Premiered at the Black Lab New Music Festival

Except What Women Know Better (4:00)

Marimba solo

Premiered at the Black Lab New Music Festival


Thrice Happy She That is so Well Assured (4:00)

Music for mixed ensemble of 10 players

Premiered at the Taneycomo Festival Orchestra


Fair Looks and True Obedience (18:00)

Chamber opera for nine players and five singers


Ancient Inspiration (8:00)

Collaboration with the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Black House Collective worksop #11 – music for 16 players

Overlay (20:00)

Fixed media

Collaboration with Kacico Dance and artist Bobby Howsare



Fluid Fracture (15:00)

Collaboration with installation artist Jeff Tackett

Three pieces for 14 players



Film Work #1 (12:00)

 Collaboration with filmmaker Sean Church

Hominid Quartet – music for live performance with projected film


Simple Formula (8:00)

Collaboration with choreographer Maura Michelle Garcia

Black House Collective Workshop #7 – music for 12 players